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Announcing CrateDB 2.3

This article is more than 4 years old


Happy New Year and happy new CrateDB…

We just released a testing release of CrateDB 2.3, and here’s a short list of some of the major improvements:

SQL Enhancements

  • UNION ALL - combine the results of multiple queries
    select id1 from t1 UNION ALL select id2 from t2
  • Removed the 32K string size limitation in STRING columns
  • HyperLogLog_distinct - approximate distinct count aggregation using the HyperLogLog++ algorithm - good for quick, albeit approximate, counts on high-cardinality fields
    select hyperloglog_distinct(col1) from t1
  • Subqueries now supported in UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT statements
    update t1 set name = ‘hello’ where id in (select id from t2)
  • ORDER BY, GROUP BY - global aggregates can operate on unindexed columns
  • Subqueries that filter on primary keys run faster

Administration and Connectivity

Security User/Password Authentication

In 2017, we introduced host- and certificate-based authentication and in-flight data encryption.

In 2.3, we have added secure user/password authentication to control access via the CrateDB REST and PostgreSQL wire protocol interfaces and the CrateDB Admin UI and command line tools. Passwords are never leaked, nor stored in clear text.

Beautiful new documentation

  • The organization of the CrateDB documentation was overhauled completely to make it easier to navigate and search.
  • A Getting Started section was added for people who’s new year’s resolution is to learn CrateDB

The rest of what’s new in 2.3…

You can read about all the rest of the 2.3 enhancements in the release notes. And if you haven’t done so already, you can download CrateDB 2.3 (testing release) from here.

Have fun with 2.3, and we wish you an excellent 2018!