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Blog - A Born Global Champion

This article is more than 4 years old

In June was chosen by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce (WKO) to compete in the Born Global Champion challenge and received the reward. The Chamber of Commerce thereby officially recognizes for its

"Outstanding merits in the internationalization of the Austrian economy"

The jury was convinced by the way the company follows a global approach and operates subsidiaries in Austria, Germany and the US. On a product level, the database was downloaded more than 60.000 times all over the world.

CEO Jodok Batlogg accepted the award which was handed over personally by the president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Christoph Leitl. Along with the award Crate.IO received the opportunity to be presented in more than 110 worldwide locations of the AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA and on the online portal

Satellite picture of german weather © Aussenwirtschaft Austria - WKO
© Aussenwirtschaft Austria - WKO