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Blog’s renewed commitment to open source

Dear Community,

Happy new year to you. I trust you are in full momentum for this first quarter of the year. We, at, are excited about delivering the next generation of our leading database solution for machine data, this year.

As part of our product roadmap and strategy, we continue to be deeply committed to the developer community and also an active contributor to the open source initiative.’s renewed commitment to open source:

You may have read a recent announcement on a significant licensing change from Elasticsearch, explaining how they are now commercializing their products. We have been utilizing Elastic's code as part of CrateDB since our inception. After much consideration, we have decided to stay deeply committed to the developer community and will start using a fully open source variant for the related functionality CrateDB depends on going forward, starting with our next upcoming version of CrateDB 4.5 that will launch this spring. Please read a detailed summary from our CTO Bernd Dorn on the topic.

This commitment to open source will ensure continuity and no changes in terms of agreements and service levels with you. Our developer community may continue to build upon the CrateDB solution as before, and we, in turn, are looking forward to a lively developer engagement and many active contributors on Github to our database.

In 2020 alone, we delivered continued product enhancements with  22 releases going from v4.0.11 to v4.3.2; which included improvements to performance, better SQL and PostgreSQL compatibility, addition of new statements, functions, and operators as well as stronger overall resilience. On top of that, there has been some major work done on the Cloud offering; for instance, the integration of the AWS and Azure marketplaces.

As we look towards the next release v. 4.5, you can expect significant improvements of the self-deployed versions where we open up all enterprise features and improve the user experience for developers.

I am looking forward to a deep and active collaboration this year!

Eva Schoenleitner