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Crate Wins the 2014 GigaOm Structure Launchpad Competition

This article is more than 4 years old

Crate's win attributed to its super scalable data store and SQL interface, letting companies get into a distributed architecture for a lower cost.

June 20, 2014 – San Francisco, CA

Crate, the open source super-scalable data store for any data, announced today that it has won the judge's choice award in the 2014 GigaOm Structure Launchpad Competition.

Nearly 60 startups with innovative technologies in cloud computing, big data applications and Internet infrastructure applied for the LaunchPad competition. Crate and seven other finalists were selected by GigaOm analysts. They each delivered a four minute launch pitch on stage in from of a panel of Judges – Samuel Angus of Fenwick & West, Heroku's Tod Nielsen, and Michael Redding of Accenture Technology Labs and the Structure audience.

Crate won the judge's choice Award. Michael Redding of Accenture praised Crate's SQL interface, which he said would cause enterprises to adopt the product because of the popularity of SQL and "get into a distributed architecture for a lower training cost."

The winning presentation can be viewed on's slideshare channel, and the demo video on Crate's vimeo account.

Structure is GigaOM's flagship annual conference focusing on the future of cloud computing and internet infrastructure. Past Launchpad winners include Saltstack land

Crate is an elastic SQL data store. It requires zero administration and is a shared-nothing, fully searchable, document-oriented cluster data store. It is a quick and powerful massively scalable backend for data intensive apps, like the Internet of Things or real-time analytics. It is also 100% open source.