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Blog CEO Appointed AI Ambassador


I am pleased to announce my appointment as an AI Ambassador by world-leading AI Network for Peace, SwissCognitive.

As CEO of, my industry perspective comes from spending many years of my career on the B2B side of operations. I will strive to demystify key AI concepts and demonstrate how AI technologies can positively influence our future.

On a global scale, AI technology has the potential to deliver a significant impact on pressing concerns like the environment and energy sustainability. My company,, has developed one such AI technology: CrateDB, a fully open source database software, providing actionable data insights at scale for operational analytics.

Since 2013, our engineers have been working to gain deep expertise in AI and Machine Learning (ML). We’re very happy to share our insights, and receive feedback from SwissCognitive’s global AI community.

The Innovation Cycle

Over the last few decades, TV shows like Startrek have inspired many of the technologies we frequently use today; for example, the “Communicator” used for voice calls or the “Universal Translator”, offering real-time translation of foreign languages.

Fast forward to 2022, smart speakers like Siri and Alexa order our groceries for us; Google Translate (for instance) performs real-time translations of text.

New technologies like 5G, drones, and highly scalable cloud services, inspire both consumers and businesses alike to reach for new horizons. Businesses continue to be excited by emerging technologies, and digitization drives new use cases across all industry verticals.

Implementing AI Requires New Technologies

Companies are looking to tap into new data sources, and create additional value out of newly acquired information. This is beneficial from a cost perspective, driving Industry 4.0 improvements, as well as from an income perspective, where new products significantly shift long-term revenue streams.

Business requirements increase the need for more data, as tech inspires customer innovation. The technology’s foundation is a data platform, with a database technology core that can receive, manipulate, and emit data from new sources such as machines, cars, or sensors.’s database, CrateDB, takes structured data such as numbers, and unstructured data, such as pictures, videos, GPS or sensor data, stores it, and enables rapid analysis.

Since its inception, we have expanded our solution with the support of the Open Source Community to a cloud-managed SaaS offering. As recently as 2021, we have also provided a hybrid cloud solution, offering customers complete control over infrastructure decisions in the cloud and their physical location.

Moving Forward

Cross-collaboration and shared expertise among AI Ambassadors will assist in the advancement of AI, and increase ethical and governmental knowledge-sharing.

I look forward to this exciting opportunity for increased collaboration with SwissCognitive and their partners, as we continue the pursuit and development of AI technologies.