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Happy Birthday Kubernetes!

This article is more than 4 years old

During the Endocode's Kubernetes birthday party on 21 July, we came up with the idea to kickstart our Kubernetes support with a Hackathon! As Google's partner in Europe Endocode agreed to hosting this event and supplying us with information and, most importantly, drinks. Google also sent us some T-Shirts and loads of stickers (Thanks!).

Google schwag

With more than 20 registrations on our meetup event we were looking forward to a fun Saturday afternoon, with all kinds of learnings about different projects and applications for Kubernetes (and maybe Crate).

Endocode welcomed us even before noon in order to do the basic set up: Prepare T-Shirts, stickers, and food. As an alternative to the usual pizza, Healthy Hackers provided pulled pork/beef, vegetables, bread, and cake during the afternoon.

Setting up stuff

After some initial presentations about the fundamentals of Crate and Kubernetes, we started hacking right away with an introductory lecture of Kubernetes and after a couple of minutes the first clusters were spawned on Google Container Engine. As the day went on, Julian (the Kubernetes expert from Endocode) answered hundreds of different questions on node discovery, persistent storage, load balancing, PetSets, templates, and Kubernetes in general.

Julian in action

Afterwards people started working on their projects which ranged from a simple setup with Kubernetes to a full-blown deployment of a service to do video animation.

Crate's team created a reference Kubernetes template (coming later this week) that that provides a good starting point for managing production infrastructure.

Crate & Kubernetes

All in all it was great fun and we hope to welcome even more people next time to play with different technologies and gain insights into more interesting projects! If you want to join one of our meetups/hackathons/events in Berlin just follow us in our group!