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Highlights of the Data Innovation Summit 2024, Stockholm April 24-25th

Last week we sponsored the Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm. It was a successful event for our team! Have a look at the highlights and pictures. 

We gave a talk on the Databases & Data Quality Stage where Christian Kurze, VP Product at CrateDB, and Stefan Stricker, Manager of Artificial Intelligence Competences at TGW Logistics discussed Digital Twins and Generative AI: How TGW Revolutionizes Warehouse Operations with CrateDB's Combination of Time Series, Documents and Vectors. 

We also hosted a technical workshop on How to Use Private Data in Generative AI: Step by Step Walk Through for Retrieval Augmented Generation with CrateDB and LangChain and were fully booked. Have a look at the pictures! 

Finally, our Solution Engineers hosted two live demos at our booth on
  • Harnessing CrateDB’s Multi-Model Capabilities for AI-Powered Applications and
  • Unleashing the Power of Multi-Model Data: Querying Heterogeneous Time-Series Data with SQL in CrateDB

Did you miss the live demos? 

▶️ Watch the recordings 

If you did not get the chance to talk to us during the summit, book a meeting with us.