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Newsletter: It's been a great year, but we still have some surprises for you.

Hi there 👋

We're officially a few days away from 2023 and what a year it has been for us Craties 💙   We grew our team, upgraded our product with new releases, had exciting events and new members joined our amazing community. 

We want to start the last newsletter of 2022 by thanking you for your ongoing support and wishing you...👇

happy holidays

Events 🖥️

How SPGo! builds apps for monitoring and predictive maintenance 🗓️ January 26th

Let's kick off 2023 with a 30-minute expert talk! Do you know how SPGo! improved the profitability of the mining business with IIoT technology?

Learn all about SPGo!'s story and how they verified a 30% increase in data-driven predictive maintenance with CrateDB ⬇️ ⬇️

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It's been a great year for online events 🙌

Throughout 2022 we've shared all our events, most of them online, including our very first CrateDB Community Day. It is never too late to gain some knowledge with our amazing speakers 👇

cratedb 2022 webinars

Tutorials not to miss ⏯️

Do not skip these tutorials if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends in data and development 👇

How to update stock market data automatically with CrateDB and Airflow

Our Developer Advocate Intern, Rafaela Sant'ana, shows you how to update stock market data automatically with CrateDB and Airflow in this video 🙌🏼

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Content you may like 💙

Correlated sub-queries in CrateDB

Our Engineer, Michael Kleen, will explain everything about the concept of a correlated sub-query, its usage, and how it's currently implemented in CrateDB!

Ingesting with CrateDB

Explore CrateDB’s writing performance through a series of batched insert benchmarks with's Technical Writer, Matej Matkuliak. 

Guide to write operations in CrateDB

In this guide,'s Developer Advocate, Marija Selakovic, gives you an understanding of how CrateDB writes new records, the basic concepts of Lucene and the concept of translog!

Breaking News 📰

CrateDB v5.1.2

Know everything about it in the release notes 👈

New integration with DataStation 🤩

DataStation by Multiprocess Labs is a powerful IDE for querying and analyzing data. Watch the tutorial to learn how to run DataStation with your local CrateDB instance. 

CrateDB Cloud Release: UI Changes 🪄

We introduce you to an improved CrateDB Cloud user interface! In the latest CrateDB Cloud release, our team worked hard to clean up and simplify the UI.

CrateDB Cloud Release: Custom Backup Schedule 🕐

CrateDB Cloud users, you can now choose specific hour(s) for your cluster backup! Align your backup schedule with your use case and re-set it anytime.

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Our Customers 🤝

SPGo! and CrateDB

Read the SPGo! success story 💬

See you in 2023! 👋