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Newsletter: We have big news: a webinar with O-CELL, Free Tier cluster, and more from our team 🙌

Hi there 👋

Welcome Q2 and springtime! 🌻 Did you spend the last few weeks planning for this quarter?

Our team did and that's why we have a lot to share with you 👇

Events 🖥️

Real-time monitoring 🗓️ April 5th

Discover how O-CELL's real-time monitoring solution helps reduce infrastructures' environmental impact 🌱

Learn how O-CELL's solution monitors energy consumption, and production, reducing the time spent on scaling and hiring specific resources with CrateDB.


Learn simple No-Code Data Import and Visualization with CrateDB Cloud 🗓️ April 27th

Know how easy it is to import data to CrateDB Cloud, connect to a third-party tool and visualize the data for whatever purpose with this FREE live demo!


Did you miss the Community Day #2 edition? 

Learn how to maximize your data potential with CrateDB integrations with our amazing speakers from Metabase, Kooky2Go, Flink, and CrateDB 🙌 Watch the recording here 


CrateDB Office Hours 👩🏻‍💻👨🏼‍💻

April 12th, 2023, at 5 pm CET time / 11 AM ET 🗓️

Our open office hours are back! Meet our engineers, ask questions about CrateDB and learn about the latest product updates and features! More info on how to join here  👈🏼


Community tutorials not to miss ⏯️

How to visualize data with Metabase

Matej Matkuliak introduces Metabase, a visualization tool that can help you analyze and use your data to its full potential💡

You can also watch here Metabase's talk with their Solution Engineer, Luis Paolini 👈

Guide to CrateDB data pipelines with

Marija Selakovic from our Customer Engineering team shows you how CrateDB integrates with Kestra using the PostgreSQL plugin to create an efficient and scalable data pipeline.

How to monitor CrateDB Cloud clusters

Matej Matkuliak from our Product team will demonstrate how you can monitor your CrateDB Cloud cluster using the exposed Prometheus metrics.


Content you may like 💙

Guide to bitwise operators in CrateDB

Marija Selakovic, Developer Advocate at CrateDB, tells you all about CrateDB v5.2 and the added support for bitwise operators, and why this feature is handy 💡

Replicating data from other databases to CrateDB with Debezium and Kafka

If only we could replicate data from our operational database to CrateDB without having to write custom code… it turns out we can 🙌 Hernan Cianfagna, CrateDB's Solution Engineer, shows an example of replicating changes on a table from MSSQL to CrateDB.

Backward scrolling cursors in CrateDB

Marija Selakovic explains how you can enjoy the support for backward scrolling with standard SQL commands and shows how cursors can be used in CrateDB.


Breaking News 📰

Big news: CrateDB Cloud Free Tier🚨

Being free to use, every user can deploy one Free Tier cluster in your organization without adding a payment method!

CrateDB Cloud: Consumable Metrics

Simply integrate CrateDB Cloud and Edge metrics into your own monitoring.

CrateDB Cloud: Import Data from URL

With CrateDB Cloud it is now possible to import data from a file from a public URL with a few clicks.

CrateDB Cloud: New Cluster Details View

CrateDB Cloud Console now presents crucial information about your CrateDB Cloud cluster in a way that can be quickly understood and acted upon!

Start your CrateDB Cloud free trial!

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