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SnowSprint 2016

This article is more than 4 years old SnowSprint 2016

Every once in a year it is getting quiet in the Crate Offices in Dornbirn and Berlin, when all the people are gathering somewhere in the mountains. It's Snowsprint time.

This year a couple of guys from all over the world (Azerbaidjan, Sweden, Scotland,...) are joining on us in Hittisau in the middle of the Bregenzer Wald.


Hittisau. #snowsprint

Ein von johannes moser (@joemoe) gepostetes Foto am


People were working on a CLI Top tool.


You can see this urwid based tool here.


Others on a Crate/Typescript/Any-Other-JS-Framework-You-Can-Imagine based task board that wasn't inspired by any other tool at all.


The Faker based dummy data generator in Jordi's developer tools for Crate was improved.


Here's the tool at work.


Besides we were working on a massive Azure Cluster, the Mesos or Jool Integration of Crate, a benchmarking tool and some dev tools and the documentation.


Paul were blogging about it.


You can follow our Snowsprint on Twitter.

The snow part

Besides Crates of code there was also lots of fun (so crates). Whatever, crate.

Hey, it's the snowsprint. So skiing is an essential part. This time there were only two injuries. (Good luck, Adrian)


British guy wanted to be part of the picture. totally improved it.

Ein von johannes moser (@joemoe) gepostetes Foto am

Long walks through the snow to local huts with cheese dumplings and schnaps.


One more

Ein von johannes moser (@joemoe) gepostetes Foto am

And trips to the Cheese shop - which you have to do whenever you visit the Bregenzer Wald.