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Summertime Internships

This article is more than 4 years old

Goats enjoying the sunshine

Earlier this year, when it was still cold and snowy, we embarked on organizing the latest round of internships. It's now midsummer, and I would like to welcome our newest interns to the company.


Paid internships are an important part of We believe they offer a valuable opportunity for young people to get industry experience in a real-world environment. And at the end of it, once our interns have finished their formal education, we hope that they decide to come back and work with us.

This summer, we have five interns. Three of them are working from our Dornbirn office, and the other two are working from our Berlin office.

Five is a larger-than-usual number for us. However, this year, the candidates were just too good, and we didn't want to say no.

We wanted to look further afield for candidates this year. And to that end, we teamed up with an agency that specializes in providing European internships for South Korean students. Consequently, we a delighted to welcome two students from Sungkyunkwan University.


Without further ado, our summer 2018 interns:

  • Seonghye studies at Sungkyunkwan University. She is from Changwon, a beach city in the southern part of South Korea. Predictably, she's a fan of the beach! Seonghye does Taekwondo, a traditional Korean martial art. She has previously been to the USA (for project work) and Uzbekistan (for teaching).
  • Floyd also studies at Sungkyunkwan University. In South Korea, he goes by Heeill, but chose the name Floyd during a visit to America because it was easier for American's to pronounce—and because he's a massive fan of Pink Floyd! He's also a bit of a Starcraft player.
  • Nina is finishing her MSc in Business Information Management at the Rotterdam School of Management and gets things done with a smile on her face. She's a woman of the world who studies abroad and travels regularly. Nina is particularly interested in data strategy and sustainability.
  • Simon studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn. If he's not got his headphones on, engrossed in his work (and his music), he's probably playing computer games, climbing, or racing his bike.
  • Leo is our import from the Technical University in Vienna where he studies Software and Information Engineering. He calls himself an “open source guy,” which is a perfect fit for Another hiker and a climber, and also a skier. What can we say, when you live so close to the Alps, it's hard to resist. :)

Wrap Up

We are looking forward to working with all five interns, and in particular, the fresh perspectives they will bring to the work we do.

At the end of August, our interns are invited to join us for a company holiday in Lisbon for some team building and partying under the Portuguese sky.

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