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CrateDB Community Day

About Community Day

Here you'll have the chance to connect with a community of developers from all over the world, sharing knowledge in short (but fun) talks throughout the day.  

Learn more about CrateDB, how it makes DevOps life easier, the ecosystem with Airflow, database trends and good practices, and actual use cases.



  • Marija Selaković - Developer Advocate
  • Rafaela Sant'ana - Developer Advocate Intern 

In his introductory talk, Christian Lutz, founder of, will tell you about our journey with CrateDB.  He will share the reason and motivation for launching a new database system and why we started CrateDB as an open-source project. Be ready to hear about our key milestones, latest developments, and vision for the future. 

Speaker: Christian Lutz, Founder and Director of the Board, 

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In this talk, Candelario A. Gutierrez from the University of Alberta, will talk about how we leverage CrateDB into their platform for analyzing social-platform data. This work is reported in the paper “Analyzing and visualizing Twitter conversations”. He will provide more detailed information on the technical aspects of their platform, of interest to software developers who deal with similar data and are interested in exploring CrateDB. 

Speaker: Candelario A. Gutierrez, M.Sc. in Computing Science 

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Bitmovin produces billions of rows of data and stores it in CrateDB. In this talk, Daniel will explain how Bitmovin uses CrateDB to monitor the most significant live video events and especially which features they are using to address their monitoring and scalability challenges. Learn also about their typical queries and how the support from helps them in their day-to-day. 

Speaker: Daniel Hölbling-Inzko Director of Engineering – Analytics, Bitmovin

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Learn how to get started using Apache Airflow and CrateDB in this introductory talk by Tamara Fingerlin, Developer Advocate at Astronomer. Tamara will walk you through setting up Airflow locally, connecting your Airflow instance to CrateDB, and using the Postgres provider to orchestrate your data pipelines. Combining these two open-source technologies will set you up to get the most value out of your data. 

Speaker: Tamara Janina Fingerlin, Developer Advocate, Astronomer

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In this talk by our engineers, learn more about CrateDB Cloud in a demo environment. We will demonstrate how to start and scale the new cluster, how to implement logical replication, run data ingestion, and understand the real costs behind CrateDB Cloud. Guess who will be the next CrateDB Cloud expert in the room 😉. 


  • Roman Meingassner, Senior Product Manager,
  • Romanas Sonkinas, Lead Engineer of CrateDB Cloud,

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Datastores promise easy scaling of your cluster to handle your data needs, providing top performance, but it (almost) never works as promised with out-of-the-box configuration. So, how can you scale efficiently with CrateDB and achieve performant queries? You will learn how sharding & partitioning choices, along with correct data modeling can get you there. Also, discover how to monitor your cluster to avoid unpleasant surprises, as Marios will share his best practices to keep your cluster healthy at all times! Finally, you'll learn about the key factors which will allow you to deploy CrateDB to the cloud and achieve the desired performance. 

Speaker: Marios Trivyzas, Senior Software Engineer, 

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Join us for the Q&A, where we will answer all your questions!


  • Marija Selaković - Developer Advocate
  • Rafaela Sant'ana - Developer Advocate Intern 


  • Marija Selaković - Developer Advocate
  • Rafaela Sant'ana - Developer Advocate Intern 
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Our speakers

Christian Lutz
Christian Lutz Founder and Director of the Board at

Christian Lutz is a Co-Founder and the Director of the Board of He has 20+ years of experience as a startup entrepreneur, with a strong track record in enterprise software. In 2013, Christian co-founded to build CrateDB, the enterprise-grade multi-model database, enabling data insights at scale.

Marios Trivyzas
Marios Trivyzas Senior Software Engineer CrateDB

Marios Trivyzas is a Senior Software Engineer at He has been working on the  product for 2.5 years, and for 3 years worked at Elasticsearch specializing in the query
languages layer. He has built experience and expertise in databases/datastores and data-intensive systems working in this area of the industry for 15 years. He holds a degree in Computer Science, specializing in distributed systems and databases from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Daniel Hölbling-Inzko
Daniel Hölbling-Inzko Director of Engineering – Analytics at Bitmovin

We needed a database that could watch, record and analyse production in real time. CrateDB gives us the freedom to be cumulative and scale limitless - we found no alternative database with such simplicity and efficiency.”

Tamara Fingerlin
Tamara Fingerlin Developer Advocate at Astronomer

Tamara is a Developer Advocate at Astronomer, the commercial developer behind Apache Airflow. She discovered her passion for data and optimizing workflows in her previous career and now focuses on creating educational resources that help beginners to get started with Airflow. Being a career changer herself, she cares deeply about making exciting Airflow features accessible for users of all backgrounds. In her spare time, she helps to organize data challenges as a Data Scientist at the World Data League, a competition tackling social impact challenges. 

Roman Meingassner
Roman Meingassner Senior Product Manager at

Roman Meingassner is a Senior Product Manager at Roman is an experienced product and project manager with 13+ years working in digital and software companies.

Romanas Sonkinas
Romanas Sonkinas Lead Engineer of CrateDB Cloud

Romanas is the Lead Engineer of CrateDB Cloud, the SaaS Database platform from Romanas has many years of experience building great software at scale and is passionate about system design and operations. A strong believer in getting things done and knows the ins and outs of working on big distributed systems. 

Candelario A. Gutierrez M.Sc. in Computing Science

A curious and problem solver software engineer with a Master's in computing science, who is passionate about technology and social entrepreneurship. 

Marija Selaković
Marija Selaković Developer Advocate CrateDB

Marija Selakovic is a developer advocate at, working with the CrateDB database and various other data engineering tools. She holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science from TU Darmstadt and a Master's degree in software engineering from VU University Amsterdam. As a developer advocate, Marija builds technical content, speaks at developer conferences, and helps other software developers be productive and successful in using CrateDB. 

Rafaela Sant'ana
Rafaela Sant'ana Developer Advocate Intern CrateDB

Rafaela is a developer advocate intern at and a computer science student at the FH Technikum Wien. Her main activities include creating educational content around CrateDB, and recently she has been busy making the “CrateDB Fundamentals” video series. As a developer advocate intern, she aims to make the learning experience around CrateDB as smooth as possible.