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CrateDB European Tour Berlin

This event has passed.

In a fun and interactive way and through several hands-on technical activities, we will explore together how to analyze time-series data in CrateDB and build a chatbot on enterprise data. We will also see how to use an AutoML approach to predict future sales. 

CrateDB is an open source, multi-model and distributed database that offers high performance, scalability and flexibility, all with SQL. Our VP Product and Lead Solution Engineer will animate this session. In small groups, we will analyze the problem together and adopt a step-by-step approach to solve it.
This session is a great opportunity for you to develop technical knowledge and practical experience with CrateDB, participate in deep technical discussions, and share with your peers. 


Techspace Eiswerk
"The Vault" Meeting Room
Köpenicker Straße 40b
10179 Berlin

How do I join?

  • Free event. Limited number of seats
  • Reserve your seat by submitting the form. We will get back to you very shortly to confirm your registration


  • Bring your laptop
  • Basic SQL knowledge required

February 21, 2024



Techspace Eiswerk

Köpenicker Straße 40b

10179 Berlin, Germany