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CrateDB Workshop

This event has passed.
CrateDB Workshop is a hands-on learning experience that introduces the fundamental concepts of CrateDB, a distributed SQL database. This workshop is designed for everyone interested in learning about CrateDB features and how it can be used to store, query and analyze large amounts of data.

The content for this workshop will be divided into four modules. All modules are independent. Feel free to attend individual modules based on your interest and experience:
  •     Module 1:  14:00–14:20 CET Introduction to CrateDB and its Architecture
  •     Module 2: 14:30–14:50 CET Installing and configuring CrateDB
  •     Module 3: 15:00–15:50 CET Inserting and Querying Data
  •     Module 4: 16:00–16:50 CET Modeling Data in CrateDB

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with CrateDB in a guided, step-by-step manner. You will learn how to install and set up CrateDB, create tables and run queries. Furthermore, you will also learn about CrateDB’s distributed architecture, how to scale and monitor the database, and how to use CrateDB’s capabilities to perform some advanced data analysis tasks.

June 28, 2023