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Live Demo: How to replicate data from other databases

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💡 About 

This demo offers a step-by-step guide on leveraging Debezium and Kafka to replicate data from different databases into CrateDB.  

Senior Developer Advocate at Confluent, Danica Fine, will join us and introduce you to Kafka. Following this introduction, our CrateDB experts will present to you Debezium, a distributed platform that turns your existing databases into event streams, and its role in capturing and propagating database changes.

You'll have the opportunity to get detailed instructions from our CrateDB experts for setting up connections for a popular database such as SQL server. Finally, in this demo you'll learn about the practical implementation of data synchronization between SQL server and CrateDB without writing any custom code.  

 💭 What you will learn

  • Setting up Debezium and Kafka: This demo will guide you through the process of setting up Debezium, an open-source CDC platform, and Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform.   
  • Replicating Data to CrateDB: We will show how to configure a Debezium connector to replicate data from the source database into CrateDB. 
  • Practical demonstration of data synchronization between different database systems: Learn how to replicate changes from SQL Server to CrateDB without having to write any custom code. 

July 13, 2023 @ 16:00

July 27, 2023 @ 16:45