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Digital Twins & Gen AI on Azure

Explore how TGW, a global leader in logistics automation, digitally transformed warehouse operations using Azure. This session delves into the creation of automated warehouses and LLM-based internal Q&A system, answering general questions of employees, providing deep insights based on technical documentation and support tickets, and streamlining sales support. 

What you will learn

  • Digital Twin and Q&A System Integration: how TGW's warehouse digital twins enhance operational efficiency, and how the implementation of a LLM-based Q&A system addresses multiple employee needs.
  • Data Management, Security, and Indexing Challenges: strategies for handling various data sets, including context-specific indexing and secure access. 
  • Building Gen AI Solutions and Requirements: key lessons from TGW's journey in developing Gen AI solutions.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Management: exploration of how a fully operational RAG system can enhance knowledge management within the company.
  • Azure Marketplace: capabilities and benefits of using Azure Marketplace with its extensive range of solutions, services, and applications offered.

About CrateDB

CrateDB is an open source, multi-model and distributed database that combines the simplicity of SQL, the performance of NoSQL, and the readiness for AI. With CrateDB, you can query any type of data and get insights in milliseconds, regardless of data complexity, volume, or velocity.

May 28, 2024