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How to Build AI-driven Knowledge Assistants with a Vector Store, LLMs and RAG Pipelines

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Join our upcoming webinar as we explore the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence. Discover how you can leverage a vector store using native SQL, such as CrateDB, to create a knowledge assistant powered by Generative AI. 

What you will learn:
  • Leveraging Vector Store Capabilities: Learn how to harness the power of vector stores using standard SQL for efficient data retrieval and manipulation, vital for powering sophisticated AI applications. 
  • CrateDB's Role in AI: Discover why CrateDB is a pivotal choice for AI applications, particularly for its multi-model capabilities that streamline complex data management and enhance AI-driven insights. 
  • Seamless Integration with Advanced AI Tools: Explore how to integrate CrateDB with LangChain and OpenAI, including the flexibility to incorporate various embedding algorithms and LLMs, to create a robust AI ecosystem. 
  • Practical Demonstration: Participate in an end-to-end demonstration within a Jupyter Notebook, which attendees can revisit and reference post-webinar. It provides a tangible experience on how to create a chatbot on top of your customer support database using Generative AI.  

March 26, 2024