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Simple No-Code Data Import and Visualization

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💡 About 

CrateDB Cloud now enables users to import data from either a URL or a user's local file storage.  

This is very useful for people who do not want to or need the knowledge to do this by more advanced means. Importing data on the Cloud UI is a great way to load sample data and play around with it quickly!  

In this live demo, our speakers will show how easy it is to import data to CrateDB Cloud, connect to a third-party tool and visualize the data for whatever purpose.

 💭 What you will learn

  •     How to import data to CrateDB Cloud without any coding 
  •     Supported data types and compression 
  •     How to connect and visualize data with a third-party tool 
  •     Recent changes to the CrateDB Cloud Console (Web UI)

👨‍💻 Our speakers  

  • Romanas Sonkinas, Lead Engineer, CrateDB Cloud
  • Roman Meingassner, Product Manager, CrateDB Cloud

April 27, 2023