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O-CELL real-time monitoring

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Founded in 2017, O-CELL provides a SAAS solution aimed at reducing energy and water waste to lower the environmental impact of infrastructures. 

To develop a real-time monitoring solution, O-CELL needed a scalable and fault tolerant database with a flexible data schema storage upgrades and ease of use for deploying additional resources. 

Being their database since an early stage, CrateDB has adapted to O-CELL business needs, offering scalability, reliability and speed, essential for real-time monitoring. 

What you will learn

  • Learn how O-CELL real time solution monitors energy consumption, production, indoor air quality and much more


  • How O-CELL is dealing with machine breakdowns and preventing loosing data;

  • How O-CELL reduced the time spent on scaling and hiring specific resources with CrateDB;

  • Why following the advice and analysis by CrateDB support, helped O-CELL enhance their solution;

  • How O-CELL structures the data in CrateDB from various IoT sensors


April 5, 2023