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Webinar: Success in the Age of Digital X: The Quadrant of IoT Scale Databases

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Would you use a butter knife to chop down a tree? Then why would you use a web-scale database for your digitisation projects? Companies often use the wrong tools for the wrong job, especially in this new age of machine data.

About 76% of the digitisation projects fail according to reports by McKinsey, Forbes and Microsoft. One of the root causes of this failure is data and IT infrastructure. In this webinar, I will teach you how you can save your projects from the same fate by delving deeper to understand the underlying problem. I will also introduce you to the quadrant of powerful IoT databases and the mighty CrateDB ecosystem. We will also discuss the case-study of a company that has made six-figure savings in 2018, thanks to successful digitalisation.


December 3, 2019

11:00 - 11:45