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Newsroom and Zühlke, global innovation service provider, partner to digitalize manufacturing with Smart Factory solutions

Dornbirn/Zürich, July 20, 2021 –, the developer of CrateDB and leading database solutions, and international innovation service provider Zühlke have formed a global partnership to deliver Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 solutions to joint customers across Europe. Zühlke’s strong expertise in designing and implementing digital strategies in the industrial and manufacturing sectors are a perfect complement to’s database technologies specifically designed for machine data use cases.’s cloud and edge technologies stacked with machine learning and AI applications enable Smart Factory use cases by collecting and processing structured and unstructured data such as sensor data, images or text, enabling time series analysis instantly and at limitless scalability.

“The manufacturing industry is currently in the midst of a fundamental transformation towards the fourth industrial revolution. It is enabled by new digital technologies including our database, CrateDB. Together with Zühlke’s deep expertise in manufacturing, we will help our customers realize their digital strategies to the fullest” says Eva Schönleitner, CEO

Zühlke has a long-standing expertise in digital solutions for industrial customers - one of their focus industries. They developed the concept of sense, analyze and act in real-time as key drivers for Industry 4.0. This allows for a highly flexible manufacturing process that drives the “unit of one” concept and autonomous systems. This can result in greatly improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by minimizing downtime, optimizing set-up times, reducing product defects, while increasing on-time product delivery and reducing inventories.

“We are always looking to create real added value for our customers and help them drive their digital future” says Jürgen Pronebner, Zühlke Partner and Managing Director of Zühlke Engineering Germany. “This global partnership with enables our clients to realize business cases with cutting-edge technology which could be a gamechanger in their segment."

“The technology stack fits perfectly into our Digital Ecosystem solution especially in the industry sector where hybrid cloud use-cases are most relevant." adds Bernhard A. Zimmermann, Zühlke Partner and Director Business Development, Zühlke Austria. “Together we offer a great match for companies seeking to innovate their business by enabling easy processing, storage, retrieval and analysis of their data in real-time.”

About Zühlke

We believe that innovation and technology are a positive force of change for business and society. We support our clients to envision and create a sustainable future. Zühlke is a global innovation service provider. We envisage ideas and create new business models for our clients by developing services and products based on new technologies – from the initial vision through development to deployment, production and operation. Zühlke draws on the experience of more than 10,000 software and product development projects and supports customers in a wide range of industries.

About is the developer of CrateDB, a highly scalable distributed database solution that combines the scalability and performance of NoSQL with the power and simplicity of standard SQL. Designed to support IoT and machine data applications in particular, CrateDB is optimized for containerized environments and runs on-premise, in the cloud, and at the edge. was founded in June 2013 and operates globally from its offices in Berlin and Dornbirn, Austria, as well as San Francisco and remote-friendly. In 2021, CrateDB won the IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award.