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Newsroom Launches New Tier Model for CrateDB Cloud with Added Flexibility and Cost Optimization


SAN FRANCISCO, USA. 23. JUNE 2022 -, the enterprise data management company, today announces the introduction of a new tier for CrateDB Cloud, which offers the ability to deploy it with shared infrastructure resources and suspend compute power. With the deployment of this new tier of CrateDB Cloud, customers have access to more cost effective options that enable use cases with changing requirements or smaller use cases with the flexibility to turn on and off compute power. 

With this new tier, CrateDB optimizes the memory utilization, which means a Cluster only occupies the resources it requires. The available resources on a machine can now be booked in an overlapping manner which allows more Clusters to be started on a virtual machine. This is significant as normally not all Clusters on a machine are running at full steam in parallel. The new tier model for CrateDB Cloud reduces the barrier to entry for organisations all of sizes.  

In addition, is today introducing the capability to suspend (Start/Stop) clusters on all CrateDB Cloud tier models, which is hugely significant from a cost optimization perspective. When a Cluster is suspended the user will only have to pay the cost for storage in use. By keeping the storage available, a Cluster can go from suspended to active almost immediately without any time consuming restore operations.  For larger Clusters, the compute can make up to 50% of the monthly cost, and savings could be more than 90% on smaller Clusters with less storage. This is especially pivotal when starting to develop with CrateDB e.g. a user can suspend their cluster and only switch it on for short periods of time when testing makes it necessary.  

It also enables development teams to run Proof of Concepts or perform workload testing - this can all be performed without costs spiraling and disrupting operations. In a cost efficient and timely way, these tasks can be completed seamlessly. 

Roman Meingassner, CrateDB Cloud Product Manager, said: “We see this new tier model providing key add-ons for our customers using CrateDB Cloud. They are both subtle in terms of their immediate impact, but the benefits are long lasting. These new features are saving our customers money in a number of ways, whilst ensuring the level of operational efficiency they expect.” 

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