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Newsroom and Alphagate forge new partnership to make organizations Big Data ready

Source: Alphagate ALPMA Customer Reference

Source: Alphagate ALPMA Customer Reference

DORNBIRN, AUSTRIA. 16 MARCH 2022 - ​, the data management company, today announced a new technology partnership with Alphagate, a developer of operating solutions for industry and medical technology since 1999. Alphagate has integrated CrateDB,’s enterprise-grade open-source database enabling data insights at scale, into its portfolio of technology partners. For Alphagate customers, CrateDB enables them to leverage the data they collect and use it to scale their business-critical decision making.

Alphagate develops human-centered solutions that simplify the process of operating machinery within industry and medical technology environments. With customers that produce IoT data, it was becoming increasingly important for Alphagate to provide CrateDB as a key technology for continuous and seamless integration from the edge to the cloud in a easily and flexible way. With CrateDB integrated, Alphagate is offering exactly this capability to its customers.

As Alphagate customers produce more data from their machines, CrateDB enables them to store data locally and to push some in the cloud for analytics. With CrateDB embedded within its product portfolio, Alphagate can offer customers a significant value add in the form of actionable insights from real-time production data, including large historic data sets at scale.

"For data-intense use-cases CrateDB helps organizations collect, manage, and make sense of large amounts of data. With increasing amounts of data available from machinery, using that data to make better decisions helps drive business forward," said Jason Tooker, Head of Sales and Partners, "Alphagate has recognized this opportunity and can now pass on this capability to its customers. It is yet another example of how CrateDB can transform an organization's approach to data. This OEM partnership demonstrates that CrateDB is the database of choice for operational analytics for the IIoT industry, as well as sectors such as life sciences and MedTech."

Johan Spets, Business Development, Alphagate commented: "In the uncertain times we live in, one thing is certain - data will continue to grow. At Alphagate, we want to enable our customers to become ‘Big Data ready’. Some of our customers collect a lot of data but they are not making use of it or using it to drive their organization forward. With CrateDB within our partner portfolio, we can deliver this to our customers. We evaluated the database market and considered which platform would work best for our needs - CrateDB was by far the best option for our customers."

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About is the developer of CrateDB, the enterprise-grade multi-model database, enabling data insights at scale. CrateDB’s ability to ingest and manage massive amounts of data from diverse sources empowers companies worldwide to turn data into business value. also offers CrateOM, a smart manufacturing SaaS solution that drives Industry 5.0 initiatives by empowering shop-floor employees with real-time production data. was founded in 2013 and operates globally with offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US. In 2021, CrateDB won the IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award. Clients maximizing their data potential with CrateDB include: Alpla, McAfee and Gantner.