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Newsroom launches CrateOM: a smart solution to digitalize and optimize operational processes

- CrateOM turns device data into actionable insights -  

- Tracks equipment performance, reduces downtime and minimizes resource and cost waste - 

SAN FRANCISCO, USA. NOVEMBER 23rd 2021 -, the enterprise data management company enabling data insights at scale, today announced the launch of CrateOM, a smart solution that transforms process data into actionable insights. CrateOM runs in the cloud, at the edge or in a hybrid environment. By enabling digital transformation through real-time insights and in-app communications, CrateOM helps production companies improve decision making and cross-functional collaboration.   

Running on CrateDB, an enterprise-grade open-source database optimized for large data volumes, CrateOM supports the complexity of manufacturing and enables companies to digitalize processes and streamline operations. Designed to improve process efficiency, CrateOM reduces unplanned downtime, increases employee effectiveness, optimizes resource utilization and minimizes waste.​  

The ALPLA Group, an international plastics manufacturer, has partnered with to develop and run CrateOM for the last four years across 20 German and U.S. plants as part of their ALPLA Smart Production Program. This has allowed them to improve efficiency by simplifying processes, reduce time to resolution, avoid waste, enable better communication, and prevent risks. 

ALPLA collects continuous production data, turns it into information and feeds it back to the floor for specific actions. The company also captures huge volumes of raw data for advanced data science in the long-term. “We introduced CrateOM because the system holds great potential for us around process monitoring and process flow digitalization. The system has a high level of scalability, and also allows us to work with the learnings the process discovers overtime to improve the system,” said Philipp Lehner, CEO, ALPLA Group.   

Commenting on the launch, CEO Eva Schönleitner said, “ALPLA has been a great development partner in the creation of CrateOM. Together, we saw a need for a smart factory solution that would use the advanced functionalities of CrateDB on the shop floor. With the launch of CrateOM, we want to extend our value offering from data collection to enabling operational data analysis in real time across several plants. We also partnered with Microsoft to ensure CrateOM runs on Microsoft Azure as the primary cloud provider.”  

The real-time support function that CrateOM offers the workforce includes step-by-step instructions and videos for troubleshooting. Issues can be solved in rapid time, and downtime is reduced. As an additional value for managers this can also be used for training. These features are enabled through CrateOM partner, a specialized tool for managing workplace instructions. 

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About is the developer of CrateDB, the enterprise-grade multi-model database, enabling data insights at scale. CrateDB’s ability to ingest and manage massive amounts of data from diverse sources empowers companies worldwide to turn data into business value. In November 2021, launched CrateOM, a smart solution that turns device data into actionable insights. was founded in 2013 and operates globally with offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US. In 2021, CrateDB won the IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award. Clients maximizing their data potential with CrateDB include: Alpla, McAfee and Gantner.