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Deploy CrateDB where your data resides. CrateDB can be used as a fully managed service (DBaaS) in the public cloud or deployed on your preferred infrastructure. Thanks to a central management plane, it can also be deployed as a hybrid model, without having to use multiple cluster management consoles.

CrateDB Self-Deployed

Deploy CrateDB on your own infrastructure. Operated by your own team.

  • Multiple support plans available
    Development support, basic support, and premium support are available. Learn more >
  • Open Source for maximum flexibility
    Install and run CrateDB where you want: your developer laptops, your data centers or your cloud environments.
  • Containerized or Stand-alone
    Run CrateDB in Docker or Kubernetes as well as on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Support and Customer Success Management
    Get Standard or Premium Support with contractual SLAs. Access to technical expertise for optimization, risk mitigation and cost optimization.
  • Data synchronization
    Synchronize data between on-premises and cloud clusters without the need for additional tooling.