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Not All Time-Series Are Equal: Challenges of Storing and Analyzing Industrial Data

In the rapidly evolving realm of Industrial IoT, dealing with diverse data ranging from slow-moving structured data to high-frequency measurements presents unique challenges. This talk explores the complexities of industrial big data, characterized by its high variety, unstructured features, and different data frequencies, and how these attributes influence data storage, retention, and integration. In this presentation, we’ll demonstrate how TGW leverages CrateDB to build digital twins of physical warehouses around the world.
  • The Complexity of IoT Data: An examination of the unique properties of industrial IoT data, including slow-moving structured information and high-frequency measurements.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Discussion of the difficulties in data storage, retention, and integration posed by this complexity, and how CrateDB provides a targeted solution.
  • Real-World Applications: Exploration of actual customer use cases to illustrate how CrateDB can be applied in various industrial scenarios.

  • Alexander Mann, Owner Connected Warehouse, TGW Logistics Group
  • Georg Traar, Director of Product Management Cloud Organisation, CrateDB