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CrateDB Workshop Module 2: Installing and configuring CrateDB

CrateDB Workshop is a hands-on learning experience for novel and experienced users. The workshop introduces the fundamental concepts of CrateDB, a distributed SQL database, and how it can be used to efficiently store, query, and analyze large amounts of data. In this second module, Niklas Schmidtmer, Lead Solution Engineer at CrateDB​, will show you how to install and configure CrateDB to get started. 

00:00 - Introduction
00:56 - Installing and Configuring CrateDB
11:36 Q&A

Here's the link to Docker:
Here's the link to the Node-specific settings
Here's the link to the Cluster-wide settings
Sign up on CrateDB Cloud Console
Here's the link to the "Develop locally and copy data to the cloud using snapshots" documentation
Here's the link to the CREATE USER documentation:
Here's the link to the GRANT documentation
Here's the link to the Host-Based Authentication documentation
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