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CrateDB Workshop Module 3: Inserting and Querying Data

CrateDB workshop consists of 4 modules. This is the third module where 
Hernán Lionel Cianfagna, Senior Solutions Engineer at CrateDB, dives into five topics ranging from creating and managing tables in CrateDB to advanced data analysis.

00:00 Intro and Housekeeping 
01:30 Overview of the Topics Covered in CrateDB Workshop Module 3
02:25 Part 1: Creating and Managing Tables in CrateDB
12:10 Part 2: Loading Data into CrateDB Cloud from Different Sources
21:13 Part 3: Running Queries in CrateDB using SQL
27:35 Part 4: Using Aggregations and Functions in CrateDB
37:08 Part 5: Advanced Data Analysis
44:55 Q&A