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CrateDB Workshop Module 4: Modeling Data in CrateDB

CrateDB workshop consists of 4 modules to better understand the distributed SQL database for real-time analytics. In module 4 Karyn Azevedo, Solution Engineer at CrateDB, shows the data types you can use in CrateDB, gives an overview of indexing, and explains sharding and partitioning. You will also walk away with schema best practices for efficient query execution.  

00:00 Intro and Housekeeping 
00:50 Overview of the Topics of Module 4
01:45 Choosing the Right Datatype for Your Use Case
12:37 Overview of Indexing in CrateDB
25:08 Understanding Sharding and Partitioning
34:01 How to Design Schemas for Efficient Query Execution
40:13 Q&A 
53:19 Wrap Up and Closing Remarks