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How to leverage CrateDB 4.8 to its full potential

About the webinar

CrateDB 4.8 has recently been released and brings several enhancements and a new functionality. In this webinar, we had a hands-on look at how to leverage these enhancements when importing data and using Logical Replication to move data between CrateDB clusters to make it available where it is needed.

In addition, we also took a look at the specifics of CrateDB’s indexing strategy, as well as, scaling CrateDB according to your needs.


45 mins

What you will learn

Learn how to leverage CrateDB 4.8’s enhancements when importing data from other systems into CrateDB

Learn about CrateDB’s Indexing strategies


Learn what CrateDB’s Logical Replication can help you get your data where it is needed


Learn how CrateDB enables elasticity and scalability


Marija Selakovic
Marija Selakovic Developer Advocate, CrateDB
Jan Weber
Jan Weber Product Manager, CrateDB