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This article is more than 4 years old

An interview with Jodok Batlogg by Jeff Meyerson on Software Engineering Daily.

The driver for the Crate open source project was the limited scalability of existing database technologies, when Jodok, Christian and Bernd were dealing with large amounts of data themselves. In 2010 they discovered ElasticSearch, a project - developed only by one person - based on Java’s Netty featuring a great architecture which sparked the inspiration for the solution of their big data problems. Built with ElasticSearch at its core, Crate is a distributed SQL database that sports a custom, distributed query engine to provide high scalability and performance.

Moreover, Jodok and Jeff Meyerson talk about how an average company runs several databases for different applications – for example, MySQL for relational data, MongoDB as a document database, HDFS for blob storage and data warehouse, etc. Crate’s approach: Blend them together to simplify their usability!

Find out about the foundation, features, use cases (e.g. IoT backend, analytical workloads), and trade-offs of Crate compared to other databases, how it runs in a containerized ecosystem, tools that are powered by Crate (e.g. visualization and data ingestion tools) and much more in 53 minutes!