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Ctop: a Top Tool for Crate Clusters

This article is more than 4 years old

Christian Haudum, aka 'Haudi', is one of's integration engineers. During the recent Snow Sprint, amongst other things, Haudi decided to create ctop, a process monitoring tool for Crate.

Getting ctop

ctop is built in Python, so clone the repository and use buildout to get the tool onto your system and ready for use.

git clone
cd crate-top
bin/buildout -N
Using ctop
bin/ctop --hosts SERVER_IP:4200

Where SERVER_IP is a comma separated list of Crate instances you wish to connect to, with the Crate transport port appended.


Haudi hopes to add more functionality to the project over the coming months, so keep an eye on it's GitHub repo if you like what you see.