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Deriving Actionable Insights from Complex Heterogeneous IoT Data: an Interview with Concept Reply

We conducted a recent interview with Concept Reply, one of our partners. In this interview, Sebastian Meyer, Senior Manager, BU Smart Infrastructure gives us some more information on his company and the reasons that motivated them to join the CrateDB partner ecosystem.

CrateDB: Hi Sebastian, to start this interview, can you please tell us a little more about Concept Reply?

Concept Reply: At Concept Reply, we are the accelerator for IoT projects within the Reply Group. We are a team of 100+ technology experts and we help our customers succeed in the IoT domain with smart products and services. We are able to support throughout the whole value chain focusing on software and engage in different collaboration models along every stage of a product development process.

CrateDB: Based on your different projects, what are the key data challenges companies are facing today?

Concept Reply: As a system integrator, Concept Reply faces significant data challenges including managing vast volumes of heterogeneous data generated by diverse devices, which can lead to issues in data storage and real-time processing. Achieving interoperability between different devices and platforms remains a complex task, requiring standardization and integration efforts. Additionally, deriving actionable insights from raw data through advanced analytics and machine learning is challenging due to both the complexity and variety of IoT data and the different technologies that need to be handled.

CrateDB: What amount of effort and investment does it take to get there? What’s your approach?

Concept Reply: To handle the described complexity, we follow a technology-agnostic approach with a detailed analysis of the available stack and the know-how of the customer organization to then bring in best-practices and technologies to increase efficiency and performance where possible. We typically aim for starting small and then scale solutions, always keeping the overall target architecture in mind.

CrateDB: What value do you see in this partnership with CrateDB

Concept Reply: CrateDB offers a very performant and mature technology that can reduce complexity in an anyways complex context. Using CrateDB as Database in an IoT context can take off load from our developer teams and enable them to focus more on business value that is created over managing technical complexity.

Thank you Sebastian for this interview, it provided some interesting insights on Concept Reply and the combined value of your expertise with the CrateDB database. We are very excited about this partnership.