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A warm welcome to Eva Schönleitner, new CEO of

When I was at Harvard Business School, I was lucky to have Noam Wasserman as a professor. In his exceptional piece titled The Founder's Dilemma, Dr. Wasserman explains how, when startups enter a critical phase of growth, founders must make the difficult decision of giving up control, passing some of their responsibilities to those with the perfect skills for leading the company through the new phase. In my long experience with startups, I’ve seen repeatedly how important this is.

Company growth is about evolution. With entering the next phase of expansion, I am very pleased to announce that Eva Schönleitner will lead our company as CEO from now on.

I met Eva about a year ago in the framework of our partnership with ABB, and I was immediately impressed by her expertise and deep understanding of the market. Eva has been working in the technology sector for over 20 years, both in Europe and the North America. Now, she will use her deep experience to lead through maturity.

During this new era, I will take the role of President of the Board of Directors, focusing all my energy to fundraising, finance and business development. Both company founders - me and Jodok Batlogg, our CTO are fully committed to and very excited for what's to come.

Together with Eva we will continue the journey for CrateDB as the leading global database for IIoT customers. In her own words:

"In my working life, I have always sought to tackle global opportunities at the leading edge of technology. These goals brought me to the software industry early in my career. During the last years at ABB where I designed and developed the digital ecosystem, I've had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the needs of the manufacturing industry and how technologies can enable and accelerate a company’s digitalization journey. Now, it's time to apply this knowledge at, innovating solutions for our customers so they can realize the next industrial revolution - Industry 4.0. I am very excited about this next phase in my career; working closely with the two founders, Christian and Jodok together we will take the company to the next level."

You'll be hearing more from Eva very soon.

A warm welcome to, Eva! We're looking forward to building our future together!