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Newsletter: Latest product news, events, and tutorials around CrateDB

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We are bringing you the latest news around CrateDB, including business news, product updates, tutorials, blog posts, and upcoming events. If you have an interesting project or use case with CrateDB that you would like to share with our community and us, just answer to this email and tell us about it.



Unlocking data insights at scale for the mining industry

By partnering with K2fly, CrateDB enables the Australian-based software company to deliver environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions for the global mining industry. With CrateDB, K2fly can now offer customers large data set analysis at speed while adhering to governance and regulations.

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Enabling research initiatives with the Digital Factory Vorarlberg

We are excited to announce a new research partnership with the Digital Factory Vorarlberg. The joint research activities focus on the topics of smart manufacturing and smart factory, i.e. digital networking in the context of production environments.

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Eva Schönleitner becomes a 2022 Global AI Ambassador CEO Eva Schönleitner became a 2022 Global AI Ambassador as part of the SwissCognitive’s World-Leading AI Network.
AI Ambassadors form a global network that involves communities worldwide in the AI journey, stimulates information flow across borders and disciplines, and while building trust, play a crucial role in demystifying AI.

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Limited seats available for DATA INSIGHTS DAY in Dornbirn 

Our first annual Data Insights Day will be held on 24 March 2022 from 14:00-18:00 at our headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria.

Join us to identify leading trends and business opportunities to scale your data strategy. The event will host thought leaders from ETH/Uni St Gallen and industry experts including Rauch, Rhomberg, TGW, Tributech, Zühlke and many more who will describe how they leveraged data successfully for their businesses. We have a limited number of seats left, so we recommend applying for a seat soon.

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More upcoming events and webinars

In addition to the Data Insights Day, there are several upcoming events and webinars where we’d love to see you.

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FOSDEM’22: How We Made Distributed Joins 23 Thousand Times Faster

In case you missed the presentation by our Developer Advocate, Marija Selaković, at the FOSDEM conference about Distributed Join Algorithms in CrateDB, you can now watch the recording here.

Learn the approach to implementing distributed joins in the CrateDB database that exhibits significant performance improvements compared to the existing algorithms.

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CrateDB Cloud now allows custom storage configuration

In the CrateDB Cloud Console, you can now configure the storage separately from CPU and RAM. Choose your own way of configuration without paying extra for additional hardware you might not need.

Fit your clusters perfectly to your unique demands and use-cases.

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Learn how to build a Superset dashboard powered by data in CrateDB

Visualizing data made easy with this tutorial that showcases how to create a Superset dashboard powered by data in CrateDB. In this article, we will explore and visualize the power consumption dataset that contains electricity usage for single houses in the city of Avignon in France.

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On the same topic, we are hosting a webinar together with Srini Kadamati, Senior Data Scientist/Developer Advocate at Apache Superset on March 23 at 5 pm CET – register your interest to participate here.

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What’s new in CrateDB v4.7? DATE_BIN

As mentioned in our blog post accompanying the release of CrateDB v4.7, we are enhancing the available functions for handling arrays, like appending values to an array or slicing arrays, among others. One new function is DATE_BIN, offering greater flexibility for grouping rows into time buckets. In this tutorial, you can read more about resampling time-series data with DATE_BIN.

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Interpolation of missing time-series values

When dealing with time-series data, you will likely at some point run into the question of how to deal with incomplete data. Check out our tutorial on CrateDB v4.7 to learn the two common interpolation techniques: Last Observation Carried Forward (LOCF) and Next Observation Carried Backward (NOCB)

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CrateDB and Prometheus for long-term metrics storage

Prometheus is a monitoring software for collecting metrics data from applications and infrastructures. In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Set up Docker Compose to run CrateDB, Prometheus, and the CrateDB Prometheus Adapter
  • Run the applications with Docker Compose

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Connecting to CrateDB using Trino

Trino (formerly known as Presto SQL) is a distributed query engine, that allows analytical queries across different data sources via SQL.

One of those data sources can be CrateDB and this article looks at how to configure the connection. If you are interested in other integration tutorials, you can foind an overview here.

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