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New with CrateDB 2.2 - MQTT, Prometheus, Telegraf, and SSL

This article is more than 4 years old

New stuff!

Over the last few months we’ve been building and securing new interfaces for CrateDB that make it easier for you to collect and analyze MQTT message payloads and time series data at scale.

With the new CrateDB 2.2 testing release out now, we’re announcing the availability of the following today:

Combine these with CrateDB’s distributed SQL engine for real-time machine data processing, and life gets even easier if you’re building systems that look like this:


Here’s a little more detail on each of the new capabilities:

Built-in CrateDB MQTT Broker & Ingestion Framework

The new MQTT interface connects CrateDB Enterprise Edition directly to sensors, networks and other devices that support the MQTT industry standard for message transfer--without the need to host separate message queueing software.

An MQTT broker is embedded within CrateDB and is configured to securely listen for, receive, and store specific MQTT message topics.

CrateDB Prometheus Adapter

Many IT systems, including Docker, expose systems monitoring metrics to Prometheus, a database for short-term storage and dashboarding of time series data.

Developed in partnership with, the CrateDB Prometheus Adapter seamlessly connects those same IT systems to CrateDB. This allows users to scale their systems metrics data to hold months, or even years, of time series data and analyze it using SQL.

Telegraf Output Plugin for CrateDB

Telegraf is open source software that integrates metrics data from dozens of popular IT systems, and then writes it to a time series database for further analysis.

The new plugin allows CrateDB users to benefit from Telegraf's ease of integration.

Once in CrateDB, the metrics data can be enriched with other relational data and queried using SQL. There is a pull request for the new plugin code, and as of today, it is waiting to be merged into Telegraf.

Secure (SSL/TLS) Communication

This new security enhancement enables CrateDB Enterprise Edition 2.2 users to encrypt traffic between the database and the client devices and software accessing it via HTTP or the Postgres Wire Protocol. This is vitally important in cloud applications that extend data processing to edge devices and locations.

Getting started with 2.2...

The MQTT Broker and Secure SSL/TLS Communication are CrateDB Enterprise Edition features. The ingestion framework, and Prometheus & Telegraf integrations are available to both Enterprise Edition and open source CrateDB users.

We invite you to install CrateDB, or learn more about the unique architecture of CrateDB.