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New partner on board: welcome roosi

Data is the basis of every company today. The competent and transparent handling of information is one of the essential factors of a successful business, especially in the areas of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and streaming analytics.

IIoT data is only valuable if it is ingested, analyzed, and delivered in real-time. Traditional data architectures are reaching the limits of feasibility, coming with high operating costs. Some limiting factors are the size and complexity of the machine-generated data, together with the diverse architecture of machine data pipelines—including individual machine sensors operated via on-premise installations together with whole database systems hosted in the cloud.

Even if the hurdles of data collection, telemetry, and security are successfully overcome, the challenge still remains in merging machines and IT applications together.  Moving in that line, we are happy to announce that is starting a cooperation with the data intelligence consulting company roosi. Together, we will further expand the market for IIoT projects in the DACH region.