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Hi there 👋

Is it just us or is the weather finally getting colder? 🥶

We're starting to get in the mood for the holiday season 🌲 not because of the cold, but because we've been busy planning 2023 and a few surprises for December 🎁

Curious? Keep reading to discover what we've been up to 👀 Advent Calendar 🎁

Who's coming to town this year? That's right, is 🐐!
For 12 days, our mascot will spread the holiday cheer to data lovers with 12 original content pieces.

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Events 🖥️

CrateDB Community Day #1 Edition

This month we hosted our first CrateDB Community Day 🎉
This virtual event gathered developers from around the world to connect and share knowledge in short (but fun 😉) talks.

cratedb communityday2 cratedb communityday 7

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Tutorials not to miss ⏯️

Do not skip these tutorials if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends in data and development 👇

Getting Started with CrateDB

Our Developer Advocate Intern, Rafaela Sant'ana, will show you how to start CrateDB for the first time with Docker Desktop in this video 🙌🏼

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Breaking News 📰

CrateDB Releases 

Know more about the releases v5.1.0, v5.1.1 and all their updates.

Cloud-Datenbank aus Vorarlberg

Christian Lutz, founder and Director of the Board at, talks about CrateDB, a multi-model database that enables companies to gain actionable insights from huge amounts of data. (in German)

Die Datenflut meistern

The energy industry is facing a digital future and generating and collecting data alone will not achieve much. This data must also be put into a meaningful context and this is where CrateDB can help. (in German)

Der „Connected Worker“ rückt in den Fokus

For Eva Schönleitner, CEO of, Industry 5.0 is an important step towards managing factories even better and more easily in the future. (in German)

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Our Customers 🤝

SPGo! and CrateDB

Check SPGo! success story 💬


Content you may like 💙

CrateDB v5.1: Correlated Sub-Queries and Cursors

We've released CrateDB v5.1! Sebastian Utz, Founding Engineer at, introduces the added support for correlated sub-queries and cursors, the improvement in our SQL and PostgreSQL compatibility, and the Administration UI.

Working with cursors with SQL commands

The new CrateDB v5.1 introduced the ability to use the cursor function with standard SQL commands. Hernan Cianfagna, Solution Engineer at, shows us how to work with cursors with SQL commands. 

CrateDB on Acceleration for Data Lakes

Data Lakes became a standard for large volumes of data and running business analytics. Today, requirements have increased and real-time access at scale is the new normal - this is where CrateDB comes in! Christian Lutz, founder and Director of the Board at, explains it all in this new blog post.


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