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Perks @ CrateDB

We as a company take the freedom to invest in what we believe in. For the sake of environment we want to encourage you to leave your car at home and use public transportation. And we are very much interested in a good work-life-balance, in your health and education.

That is why we want to encourage activities that support that. Flexible working hours to make family life easier, allowences for sports activities and education are part of that.


Public Transport

We encourage you to use public transportation and reimburse monthly tickets.


Team Lunches

You are hungry? We are, always! Enjoy self-organized weekly team cooking or lunches.


Flexible Worktimes

A healthy balance between work and family and friends, just make it work with your team.


Personal Fitness

We value your health and support your sports activities with a subsidy (ski, hike, bike...).


Fruits and Snacks

Your daily dose of fruits and snacks are always available in your office.


Learning & Education

On job education as well as non job education/ have you always wanted to learn photography?


Unlimited holidays

We provide you with the standard amount of holidays in your country + any additional days if you feel you need it - just check with your team.


Choose your equipment

We make sure you are well equipped with everything you need to work effectively.


Referral bonus

You might have someone in mind, who would be a perfect member in our team? Let us know and collect your financial reward if it works out.


Stock option plan

The future looks bright for CrateDB and we want everyone to stay, add value and benefit from our joint success. Read more >