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IoT: Opt for the Right Open Source Database

By harnessing the right open source database solutions for IoT, organisations can drive innovation, enhance data management.

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Emerging Startups 2023: CrateDB Among Top Open Source Startups

CrateDB was mentioned on the curated list of the most promising startups 2023 leading the Open Source industry, from across the globe by Tracxn.

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Austria's best start-ups of 2022 [RANKING]

The trend RANKING of the 100 best start-ups provides information on who was best able to deal with the volatile market environment - and who even profited from the crisis.

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What constitutes modern databases?

Negative myths often surround state-of-the-art alternatives., developer of the CrateDB database, calls some of them 'fairy tales'.


Five prejudices about modern databases

Developers and administrators are often confronted with traditional databases that are literally gathering dust. Negative myths often surround state-of-the-art alternatives. wants to dispel them.

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Like sand through the fingers

No sooner have we become accustomed to Industry 4.0, than Industry 5.0 is just around the corner. And where is the difference between the two?

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Cloud Database from Vorarlberg spoke with Christian Lutz, founder and Director of the Board at

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Master Big Data

The energy industry is facing a digital future ahead. However, generating and collecting data alone will not achieve much. This data must also be put into a meaningful context this is where helps.

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The "Connected Worker" moves into focus

For Eva Schönleitner, CEO of the start-up, Industry 5.0 is an important step towards managing factories even better and more easily in the future.

Logo Plattform für Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit Success with "digital gold" greatest strength is its leading-edge technology, which makes it possible to generate real added value from large volumes of data