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Run anywhere. Whether you want complete peace of mind with the DBaaS model or deploy CrateDB yourself, we have the right option for you. CrateDB is highly flexible and can be deployed on Private or Public Cloud, On-Premises, or Edge to meet your organization's unique needs. It also supports Hybrid scenarios out of the box.


Deploy CrateDB on your own infrastructure. Operated by your own team.

  • Multiple support plans available
    Development support, basic support, and premium support are available here >
  • Open Source for maximum flexibility
    Install and run CrateDB where you want: your developer laptops, your data centers or your cloud environments.
  • Containerized or Stand-alone
    Run CrateDB in Docker or Kubernetes as well as on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Support and Customer Success Management
    Get Standard or Premium Support with contractual SLAs. Access to technical expertise for optimization, risk mitigation and cost optimization.
  • Data synchronization
    Synchronize data between on-premises and cloud clusters without the need for additional tooling.

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