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Cluster Monitoring in CrateDB Cloud 

Monitoring your CrateDB cluster is crucial for ensuring its stability, performance, and overall health. 

Cluster Monitoring in Admin UI

CrateDB's Admin UI provides an intuitive interface for monitoring your cluster's status. A green status indicates that all shards are successfully replicated, available, and not undergoing any relocations. The cluster status is updated continuously every few seconds, giving administrators real-time visibility into the health of their cluster. This proactive monitoring capability empowers administrators to take timely action to address any potential issues, ensuring the continuous availability and reliability of their CrateDB cluster.

In the above example, we can see the CrateDB Admin UI status indicator, which can be used to determine the stability and health of a cluster. It includes such indicators as health status, percentage of replicated data and available data, number of total records, underreplicated records, and unavailable records.

Cluster Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

CrateDB Cloud simplifies the monitoring process by offering built-in metrics that are readily available as soon as you deploy a CrateDB Cloud cluster. These metrics can be effortlessly federated to your Prometheus or Prometheus-compatible monitoring system, allowing you to seamlessly bring the monitoring data to your own environment or on-site infrastructure.  

The support for Prometheus and Grafana ensures that you can effortlessly integrate these tools with your existing monitoring systems, enabling you to effectively monitor your CrateDB Cloud clusters without incurring any additional costs. This robust monitoring solution ensures that you have the visibility and control needed to maintain the optimal performance and reliability of your CrateDB Cloud environment. 


As shown in the example above, the monitoring solution shows the status of global stats (e.g. number of nodes), cluster stats (e.g. CPU usage, memory usage), and query stats (e.g. error rate along with the type of failed query).

Product documentation

Monitoring Cluster Status

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