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Data Import

There are multiple ways to import data in CrateDB. Depending on whether you're using CrateDB Cloud or CrateDB Self-managed, they are different options to consider: 

  • Import from URL (CrateDB Cloud only)
    • By specifying a source URL, data format, and compression.
    • CSV, JSON, and Parquet files with Gzip compression.

  • Import from file (CrateDB Cloud only)
    • CSV, JSON, and Parquet formats.
  • Manual import through queries, from the Admin UI 
    • INSERT commands  
INSERT INTO customer_data (customerid,gender,profession)
SELECT 3000,'Male','Software Engineer';
    • COPY FROM cvs/json lines/gzip      
COPY customer_data FROM '/tmp/Customers.csv' RETURN SUMMARY;

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