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Data Import

There are multiple ways to import data in CrateDB. Depending on whether you're using CrateDB Cloud or CrateDB Self-managed, there are different options to consider: 

  • Import from URL (CrateDB Cloud only)
    • By specifying a source URL, data format, and compression.
    • CSV, JSON, and Parquet files with Gzip compression.

  • Import from file (CrateDB Cloud only)
    • CSV, JSON, and Parquet formats.

  • Import from private S3 bucket with globbing support (CrateDB Cloud only)
    • Directly import files from S3-compatible storage systems. Specify the bucket name, file path, S3 Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key for seamless imports. Users with non-AWS S3 buckets can specify the endpoint.
  • Manual import through queries, from the Admin UI 
    • INSERT commands  
INSERT INTO customer_data (customerid,gender,profession)
SELECT 3000,'Male','Software Engineer';
    • COPY FROM cvs/json lines/gzip      
COPY customer_data FROM '/tmp/Customers.csv' RETURN SUMMARY;
  • Foreign Data Wrappers 
    • Utilize Foreign Data Wrappers to integrate external data sources into CrateDB. This allows you to query data from foreign systems as regular user tables within CrateDB directly. With the JDBC data wrapper implementation, you can connect to foreign databases via JDBC, enabling seamless querying and manipulation of remote data.

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Data import

Foreign Data Wrappers

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