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Edge Deployment

CrateDB can be installed and run on Edge devices, which include sensors, machines, or any other equipment that generates data in remote or distributed locations. By deploying CrateDB at the Edge, you can ensure rapid and efficient data processing without the need to send it to a centralized location. This results in a reduction in network latency and a boost in system responsiveness.

Benefits of deploying CrateDB at the Edge:

  • Reduced latency for faster and informed decision-making through quick and efficient data processing at its source.
  • Optimized bandwidth usage in IoT and real-time analytics scenarios by processing data on-site, minimizing constraints associated with transmitting large volumes of data to centralized systems.

Elevate your data processing capabilities by deploying CrateDB directly at the Edge—where speed, efficiency, and real-time insights come together. 

ABB Ability™ Genix: Improving industrial productivity and operational excellence

In this talk, Marko Sommarberg, Lead Digital Strategy and Business Development at ABB, and Christian Lutz, Co-Founder at CrateDB explain how ABB Ability™ Genix applies AI and analytics to unlock the value of industrial data using CrateDB.

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