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CrateDB Workshop Module 1: Introduction to CrateDB and its Architecture

CrateDB workshop consists of 4 modules. This is the first module where you learn more about CrateDB and the key functionalities this distributed SQL database for real-time analytics offers. From PostgreSQL compatibility to NoSQL functionalities, Marija Selakovic, the developer advocate of CrateDB, will give you an overview of all the fundamental concepts and benefits of CrateDB. Furthermore, she explains when CrateDB is a perfect fit and when other tools would better fit certain use cases

00:00 Intro and Housekeeping 
02:08 Overview of the different modules
05:34 Start Module 1: Introduction to CrateDB: What is CrateDB?
12:24 CrateDB architecture
17:52 Key use cases of CrateDB and when to use CrateDB and when not
20:08 Q&A