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CrateDB 2.3.5 (Stable) Available Now

This article is more than 4 years old

Hey folks! CrateDB version 2.3.5 was released recently and is now available in the stable release channels.

This is a fix release that includes the following changes:

  • Fixed handling of NULL values in the cluster tab of the Admin UI.

  • Updated the Size label in the table detail tab of the Admin UI to Size (Sum of primary shards) for clarification.

  • Fixed an issue where ordering by a TIMESTAMP scalar would cause the query to stick.

  • Fixed a potential NullPointerException when running SHOW CREATE TABLE with plain type indices.

  • Fixed an issue causing queries ordered by a STRING scalar with possible NULL values to stick.

  • Fixed an issue causing nodes to crash with OutOfMemoryException when executing queries with ORDER BY on large data sets were executed. Now the query circuit breaker will be tripped causing the query to be killed with the node’s health unaffected.

  • Improved the error handling for a race condition to ensure it doesn’t cause queries to fail to return a value, essentially moving to a stuck state.

  • Improved the behavior handling when a cluster drops below the number of minimum nodes. The root REST endpoint will no longer timeout and sys.checks can still be queried, similar to how sys.nodes can still be queried.As with all releases, be sure to back up your data prior to upgrading.

Do you have questions about this release? Or maybe you have a bug to report or you want to suggest a feature. Get in touch with us or find us on GitHub.

We look forward to bringing more features and more fixes to CrateDB! Stay tuned for further details!