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CrateDB Cloud: Free trial system overhaul

In this short blog post, we would like to highlight one of the features the CrateDB Cloud team has recently released. It is a highly anticipated overhaul of the CrateDB Cloud Free Trial system. Previously, our introductory promotional system was tied to a specific cluster tier and a specific cluster configuration. The new Free trial system offers much bigger flexibility in terms of what you can deploy with it.


All you need to do is sign up, and you will receive $200 worth of free credit that you can use however you like! This credit is valid for 30 days from the moment you create your organization.

How might you use this credit, you ask? Let’s look at some possible configurations:

CR0 Deployment

The first use case, ideal for early-stage developments, might be a deployment of 3 individual CR0 clusters. CR0-Deployment: CPU 2, RAM 2 GiB, Storage: 4 GiB
This provides you with multiple testing environments for low-traffic applications. Each of these clusters contains 2 CPUs, 2GiB of RAM, and 4GiB of storage. And with a cost of around $51 cluster/month, you can run these clusters for the whole 30 days and still have some leftover change for other deployments.

CR1 Deployment

Another use case, if your application is in further development stages and you need an environment that can handle heavier traffic, could be a CR1 deployment. For $200 you can get a cluster with 1.75 CPU, 7GiB of RAM, and 64GiB of storage.

CR1-Deployment: CPU 1.25; RAM 7 GiB; Storage 64 GiB
And again, with $200 of free credit, you can run this cluster for the whole 30 days.

To sum up, our new Free trial system offers much bigger flexibility for our users. We provide $200 of free credit to any user that signs up and creates an organization in the CrateDB Cloud console. This credit is valid for 30 days and can be used on any deployment tier and cluster configuration. Try it out today!