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Newsletter: New tutorials, upcoming webinars, and new success stories

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In this newsletter, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar with TGW Logistics, share our most recent on-demand webinars and two success stories. Plus, we have some interesting tutorials for you. 


Fixing data silos in a high-speed logistics environment

Webinar: Fixing data silos in a high-speed logistics environment

On June 22nd from 3:00 - 3:45 PM CET we will host a webinar together with TGW Logistics Group.

Alexander Mann, Digital Core at TGW Logistics Group, and Jan Weber, Product Manager at, will share why TGW Logistics moved to CrateDB for its ability to fix data silos by aggregating different data formats and easily querying this information. We will also have a German webinar on the same topic on July 12th.

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TGW Warehouse

TGW Logistics Redefines Warehouse Intelligence

After trying multiple database systems, TGW Logistics moved to CrateDB for its ability to quickly scale, enable AI teams to ingest and query full datasets and much more!

In addition to the live webinar mentioned above you can read more about the challenges TGW Logistics was facing and what they have achieved with CrateDB in our success story. Here you will also find an interview of Alexander Mann from TGW and a white paper to download.

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Real-Time Energy Grid Control Based on Big Data

Gantner Instruments relied on CrateDB to analyze large amounts of data generated as part of a project with researchers from the University of Cyprus. The goal was to find better ways to optimally manage electricity consumption and power generation in real-time and to improve the processes through machine learning. You can read more in our press release or watch the on-demand webinar we hosted together with Gantner. 

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On-Demand: How to leverage CrateDB 4.8 to its full potential

Our Product Manager, Jan Weber, and Developer Advocate, Marija Selakovic, introduced the new feature Logical Replication and gave useful recommendations for its implementation.

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Dev-Talk: CrateDB: A Database or a Search Engine? Both!

In case you missed it, watch Marija Selakovic's talk from WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022. 

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Optimizing storage for historic time-series data

When dealing with time-series data, performance is crucial. CrateDB is already very efficient in terms of storage usage (30 - 40% less than other time-series databases for equivalent schemas). In addition, CrateDB allows leveraging arrays to significantly reduce storage, which is described in this article.

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How to decrease your number of shards in your cluster

Potentially you created your tables with too many shards and you want to rectify the situation. This article outlines some indications for too many shards and explains the options to fix the situation.

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Hackathon at Engel

In May, ENGEL hosted an internal hackathon, where they experimented with CrateDB. Our Head of Customer Engineering, Georg Traar, participated to support the teams with accessing their status reports (stareps). The result was that they could use CrateDB for their product and get a “huge speed improve”!

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