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Newsletter: We have new additions to the team & exciting product news

Hi there 👋

This month has been a big one for our team! Before we dive in, here's two big news we can't wait to share with you:

CrateDB is thrilled to announce some major additions to its executive team as part of the strategy to embark on the next stage of its journey and accelerate growth! Know more here.

CrateDB has achieved ISO 27001 certification for its Cloud SaaS offering, ensuring the highest level of operational and information security for our users.



We couldn't help but refer to our mascot on our new website.

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Goatie? 🐐 This helpful companion will improve your browsing experience when you need to connect with us through our chat. 

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AI & Big Data Expo Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands

🗓️ September 26th - 27th

Join us at the AI & Big Data Expo, the leading event for Enterprise AI, Machine Learning, Security, Ethical AI, Deep Learning, Data Ecosystems, and NLP!

Be sure not to miss our VP Product, Dr. Christian Kurze, as he delivers an exciting and important announcement on stage. 


Know more

CrateDB Office Hours 👩🏻‍💻👨🏼‍💻

September 13th, 2023 17:00–17:45 pm CET 🗓️

Our office hours are back! Meet our engineers, ask questions about CrateDB and learn about the latest product updates and features! More info on how to join here 👈🏼


Product news

CrateDB Achieves ISO 27001 Certification 🔒

CrateDB has achieved ISO 27001 certification for CrateDB Cloud SaaS, ensuring the highest level of operational and information security for our users' valuable information. Click to know more

Export Data from Views or Tables

We are excited to announce a new convenient feature in CrateDB Cloud UI that is sure to make your life easier. Click to learn more 👈

Table-Level Restore

CrateDB Cloud UI now includes the ability to restore single or multiple tables from a snapshot. Learn all the details about this improvement.


Community tutorials not to miss

Storing server logs on CrateDB for fast search and aggregations

Did you know that CrateDB can be a great store for server logs?

Hernan Cianfagna, CrateDB's Senior Solutions Engineer, will show you how storing server logs on CrateDB solves several problems!

Using regex comparisons and other advanced database features for real-time inspection of web server logs

We can use fulltext search to find error messages, but wouldn't it be great if we could have rules inspecting log entries, extracting relevant information, and flagging anything suspicious? Know how CrateDB features can support this.

Data Analysis with Cluvio and CrateDB

With the help of Matej Matkuliak, CrateDB's Technical Writer, explore how to leverage the power of Cluvio, a modern data analysis platform with CrateDB Cloud as the underlying database.

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What is Time-Series Data? Understanding the basics

Time-series data is a powerful instrument to track changes over time, enabling us to predict future trends. Read the blog post to learn how it can benefit your organization!

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