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At Docker HQ for Docker's 2nd Birthday in San Francisco

This article is more than 4 years old

Docker is one of the most talked about open source projects right now and it's hard to believe that it's only two years old. As part of the celebrations, the Docker team decided to host more than a dozen open-source-a-thon parties around the World. Not only to help people learn how to contribute to the project, but also donating $50 for every contributor to the Oceanic Society.

In our second blog post as part of the birthday celebrations, we brought our laptops, ideas and a present for the team to Docker's headquarters in San Francisco. As an open source company ourselves, we also love the members of our community so we made a collage of photos from the last Docker party in SF to give as a gift!

Christian Lutz saying Happy Birthday from to Docker

With a packed room the party started off with a introduction by Solomon to the project and an explanation of how to get involved from Arnaud. Then we broke off into teams based on interest and expertise level. People we working on huge variety of Docker projects, from Docker Swarm to core documentation and a lot of teams had core contributors there helping out. The volunteer mentors running around in the dark purple shirts were extremely helpful and could help with anything.

It was an extremely successful night, not only I was I able to meet from the core team and learn from other community members but I was also able to contribute to an open source project I use everyday while helping raise money for the Oceanic Society and Moby Dock.

From myself, and everyone else on the Crate team, happy birthday Docker!

Happy Birthday Docker!